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Only five hours of sleep of heart damage

Sleep only five hours a night increases the rhythm of heartbeat and negative effects on her health and the consequences are even more serious if the wrong sleepy hours, for example during the day. This study was conducted with a group of healthy adults and serves more for people who …

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These cures disease called

Nutritional and medicinal benefits of quince man has not been well studied but the current data of science emerges that invited Unlike apples and pears has several advantages in different directions. Although regarded as a fruit with fewer calories, it contains poly-phenolic antioxidants vital. Catechin and epicatechin subjects that are …

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Study: People like to stay only wise

There is no doubt that people are very social creatures. But while known to associate with others makes me happy, this is not true if you are very wise. Psychologists from the University of Singapore and the School of Economics and Political Science in London found exactly this when studied …

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So coffee is considered harmful to health

Consuming a cup of coffee in the morning can do wonders for your energy levels and productivity of work, but what if you drink another cup … then another and another? That thought might make you think that you will only increase energy levels, but in fact this decision will …

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